About Us

Hi there! I’m Charlotte, founder of Studio Chally. I graduated from Curtin University with a degree in creative advertising & graphic design in 2020 (hello, covid!). While at university, I discovered a love for designing all things cute and colourful. We went through the full design process - from the initial spark of an idea through to the final product - but my favourite part was always bringing an idea to life and creating something new and exciting. But the big question at the end of 2020 - what will I do next?

Studio Chally was born out of a love of gift-giving, and a passion to create. I love seeing people’s faces light up (and the odd happy tear) when opening the perfect gift. I wanted Studio Chally to be an opportunity for customers (hey! that’s you!) to find the perfect gift for their loved ones; and if we don’t have it yet - the perfect opportunity to collaborate to create something new.