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Personalised Name Trace and Wipe Board

Personalised Name Trace and Wipe Board

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Get a head start on their handwriting skills with our trace and wipe boards! Simply use a whiteboard marker or chalk pen to trace over the letters, and then wipe clean to start the fun all over again! We also provide additional dotted-thirds writing space for them to practice without tracing. Our boards are made from 3mm clear acrylic, measuring 10cm tall and 15cm wide. Each letter is engraved and infilled with paint on the back, giving a long-lasting, clean finish. We use the SA font, commonly used among WA primary schools on all our trace and wipe boards. Each of our boards come with additional paper handwriting instructions, to help ensure your child is writing letters correctly. 

Please note:  Boards will come with a protective layer on the front. Please peel this away before using. It is easiest to peel from a corner with your fingernail

  • Made to Order
  • Handmade in Perth
  • Australia Wide Delivery
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