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Personalised Reward Jar

Personalised Reward Jar

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It's almost reward time! 🏆

Working on developing good habits or behaviours with your little one? Help them visualise the progress towards their next reward with our reward jars! Each jar measures 16.5cm wide by 21.5cm tall, and is handmade from layered plywood and clear acrylic, finished with a personalised white vinyl decal. Each jar comes with 30 stars (5 of each colour), perfect to fill your jar! Think a few stars may go walkabout over time? Not a problem! We also offer an addition 12 stars (2 of each colour) that can be purchased with your jar, or at a later date. With optional magnets on the back, our jars can be stuck to the fridge for easy access, and also stand upright by themselves to display. 

Please note: As we work with natural materials, we do not count natural markings on our products as defects, but as features that make each piece unique. 

  • Made to Order
  • Handmade in Perth
  • Australia Wide Delivery
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